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The Alphabet of 2019 Rugby World Cup: S is for...

The Alphabet of 2019 Rugby World Cup
In the 26 days leading up to RWC, we’ll take a letter a day running the alphabet to get you there:
A - is for Attrition, Anscombe, Argentina and Australia: the act of attrition when visited upon a club can seriously inhibit that XVs ability to perform at the top of their arc, which is the ideal spot to be either approaching, or at, come the 3rd week in September; Wales standoff, Gareth Anscombe, hobbled off the pitch v England and is done for 2019 RWC duty; Argentina will put attrition on anyone should they not be cautious; ditto Wallabies...
B - is for Battle, Beaver, Biggar and Breakdown: a side wins the battle of the breakdown, all other aspects being equal, they’ll have won the match... Biggar has donned the 10 jersey for Wales due Gareth Anscombe’s injury...2011 RWC final was won by a sticksplitter from the man called “Beaver,” Stephen Donald, New Zealand All Blacks 4th-string flyhalf who’s fishing the Waikato and in sketchy cell-reception when Graham Henry called... and called - finally answering and in near egg-on-legs shape struck truly the goal to give Kiwis their first world title of two in sequence that they’ll defend for the second time this fall;
C - is for Canada, Clearance, Close, Conversion, Counter and Cover: when Canada are on the rear leg, down deep in their own end, clearance down the park to the opponent’s five-meter line will facilitate the close for five plus conversion to seven; any sticksplitting conversion, can and will, win the match... should clearance not find touch, cover must prevent the counter;
D - is for Defense, Differential, Do,  Don’t and Draw: always employ defense as that wins games, even when on offense; and don’t, just don’t draw... but it’s better than loss... by 2 pool points...positive differentials are good;
E - is for Eddie, England and Esplaining: Men of the Rose don’t get out of their pool this time around, there’s going to be some esplaining to do... Eddie-Minh;
F - is for Fair, Foul, Fifteens, Fiji, Finish and France: fair to say, Fiji and France can foul the plans of either Argentina, England, Ireland and/or Scotland should they emerge from their respective pools and into the Knockouts; when their respective fifteens find themselves inside their opponents 22 and down into the business districts, ten meters from goal, should they not finish it’ll all be for naught;
G - is for Gainline, Garryowen, Georgia and Gorgadze-Gorgodze, Gorgodzilla/Gorgadzilla: Georgia will make the gainline whether it’s Mamuka Gorgodze or Beka Gorgadze wearing the ‘Zilla shoes at 8-monster, should anyone fail to contain the massive and mobile Lelo forwards pack; the Garryowen and its extension, the lengthy tactical boot, will be used by many to test a defense; 
H - is for Halfback, Handling, High ball, Henry: the halfback combination is the most critical element that Graham Henry would like to see functioning properly whether it be delivering high ball or handling outlet to the three-quartersline;
I - Inside Center, Ireland and Italy: even odds that one will emerge from one of their two groups; New Zealand-born inside center, Bundee Aki, will figure big in the stopping-and-going of the Ireland pattern, while; Italy, for their measure, will look to long, tall Matti Bellini to close for five as he has four times in the last two outcomes of the Azzurri;
J - is for Japan, jumper, jumpstart: host nation, Japan, will have its clinical method in the lineout providing jumper-to-9 ball cleanly in their jumpstart to the tournament Friday, September 20 at Tokyo Stadium - 4:45am MST;
- is for Kamaishi, Kenki and Kotaro, Kickoff, Kobe, Kumagaya, Kumamoto: the initial kickoffs for the competition at Kamaishi, Kobe, Kumagaya and Kumamoto Stadiums will signal 2019 RWC is on; and when it’s on, Japan flyers Kenki Fukuoka and Kotaro Matsushima will be popping and ‘agroundin’ in the try zone;
- is for Lambey, Les Bleus, Lineout, Lock, Loose forwards, Lyon: should Felix Lambey, Les Bleus and Lyon lock, control the lineout and the French loose forwards make breakdown first, foremost and to estimable effect, l’il pig’ll be, like: “Oui!”
M - is for MacGinty, Maul, Maxime, Medard, Midfield: as go the fortunes of flyhalf, AJ MacGinty, so fly Eagles; turnover ball at the maul, and if the opposition finds Max Medard in amongst their midfield, best have cover in space;
N - Namibia, New Zealand and Ngani: Sea Eagles are in the Pool of Constance, where the outcome of that pool is predetermined, only the order of the brace of emergent XVs therefrom has yet to be sorted... we’ll know Saturday, the RugbyDay, September 21, though... 26-years old Kiwi midfielder, Ngani Laumape, one of the best in the business, has been overlooked by his country in favor of a quartet of other centers... which is scary when one ponders - Laumape may be, at the very minimum, 5th best center in the world!
O - is for Offense and Owen: Mr. Farrell can and will fire his offense as well as keep the scoreboard counting as the sturdy horse upon which ride the intentions of the Men of the Rose;
P - is for Parfrey, Pat, Platform and Prop: props are the priceless central portion of the scrum piece, setting the front end of that platform and their performance is critical to the success of their XV; Canada fullback, Pat Parfrey = MASSIVE under the high ball last evening; 
Q - is for Quality and Questions: there’ll be questions posed aplenty September 20 through November 2; the quality of the replies to those queries will place the nation responding in their proper place on the World Rugby chart... moreso than WR’s present algorithm!
R - is for Recycle, Ruck and Russia: should Russia be able to recycle rapidly from ruck and/or maul, the Bear fortunes should be golden, otherwise...
S - Samoa, Scotland, South Africa: a pair of this trio should exit their pools and gain the Knockouts, while one could very well bring the Webb Ellis Trophy to Newlands; mind the Jantjies...
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