Sunday, October 13, 2019

2019 Rugby World Cup Pool Play Complete

2019 RWC - Pool Play WRap

2019 Rugby World Cup, which shall be forever remembered as the competition that was affected by weather, has completed its round robin pool play and semifinals are set.

Recent Results:

                Canada drew, due meteorological incontinence, with Namibia;

                Tonga returned from 7-12 halftime deficit, an advantage gained by the Eagles through a brace of groundings by three-quarters, Mike Teo, to vanquish United States, 31 - 19;

                Japan will see its first entry into the august realm of the quarterfinalist after whatfor of 28 - 21 on Scotland.

Wales topped Uruguay, 35 - 13, to finish first in Pool D;

The Quarterfinals:

                                Saturday, October 19

Australia v England, 1:15am MST, at Oita Stadium;
Ireland v New Zealand, 4:15am Tokyo Stadium

                                Sunday, October 20

France v Wales, 1:15am at Oita Stadium;
Japan v South Africa, 4:15am MST at Tokyo Stadium

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