Saturday, October 12, 2019

2019 Rugby World Cup - Saturday 48

2019 RWC - 48 hours

It’s been said, “Speed Kills.” Speed or as it’s better known in the Philippine language of Tagalog, “Hagibis,” certainly killed 2019 RWC to a certain degree as two matches, New Zealand v Italy and England v France, have been declared drawn as it has been deemed unsafe to hold those fixtures in the teeth of a treacherous storm bringing 150+ mph winds, better than and inch-of-rain-per-hour, and a whole host of ancillary dangers to the vicinity of the Japanese capital city and its coastline.

This means Pools B and C are done and dusted regards advancement: New Zealand are #1 and South Africa #2 in Group B, while England are #1 and France #2 in Group C.

It is all very well and good that World Rugby has taken into consideration the safety of their constituents, fans and teams alike, but questions remain: “Why weren’t contingency plans, consistent with the time of year and prevalence of wacky weather therein... why weren’t better, workable alternative sites and logistical matters sorted in the developmental stages of 2019 RWC? Do the people running the RWC not know how to do their jobs in a comprehensive manner so that this situation does not occur?” Evidently not and we all are the bearers of their inconsiderate and unprofessional behavior.
That being said, RWC continues with a bit of its luster diminished: in the 24 hours prior to this instant:
                Australia earned a bonus-point win with a brace of touch downs in the final five minutes to close their pool account on 27 - 8 joy over Georgia; Wallabies currently top the group pending outcome of the Wales - Uruguay fixture on Sunday;

Wales (14) v (4) Uruguay at 12:15am MST tomorrow, Sunday, morning in Nissan Stadium, Yokohama; 

                Ireland got the necessary numbers and are presently first in their group, too, pending outcome of the much-anticipated closing fixture of 2019 RWC Pool Play, Japan versus Scotland, and the Irish did it with 47 - 5 victory over Samoa;

 Japan (14) v (10) Scotland at 2:15am MST, tomorrow morning in Nissan Stadium, Yokohama: win big and stifle Brave Bloomers or go home, Caledonia 

post this instant:

                Canada (0) v (0) Namibia at 9:15pm MST tonight, Saturday, at Kamaishi Memorial Recovery Stadium; RWC Championship match for these two;

                Tonga Ikale Tahi(1) v (0) United States of America Eagles at 11:45pm MST tonight, Saturday, at Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Higashiosaka: RWC Championship match for this pair as well.

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