Monday, October 7, 2019

2019 Rugby World Cup: What's Happening - Pools A and B

2019 RWC Remaining Pool Play 
Hierarchy of determinants should XVs be drawn on pool (table) points:
1.       outcome of matches between the two in pool play
2.       points-for less points-against differential
3.       trys-scored differential
4.       total points-for in pool play
5.       greater number of trys-scored in pool play
6.       and the obfuscant: RWC rank as of 10.14.19

The Knockouts

                #1 Pool A v #2 Pool B          #1 Pool D v #2 Pool C           #1 Pool B v #2 Pool A          #1 Pool C v #2 Pool D         

Pool A - host nation, Japan, in abso control of their own destiny right now. Brave Blossoms are in topspot and will finish there with victory over Scotland in the final match of pool play; should the Scots be triumphant on that day after earning the bonus point v Russia tomorrow, then the Men of the Thistle and Saltire will have laid their claim on first and the outcome of last fixture for Ireland will determine the order of the group’s finish and which nations move on to the quarters.

·         to recap: Japan win v Scotland and Ireland win v Samoa, those are the pair who’ll emerge from the pool with matches yet to play in that order;
o   Scotland beat Japan with the bonus-point and deny Brave Blossoms a bonus point after getting the b-p over Russia tomorrow and Ireland defeat Manu Samoa upcoming, Ireland and Scotland go in that order;
o   Ireland lose to Samoa with no bonus-point and Scotland get the b-p in victory over Japan and deny Japan the b-p, it’s  Scotland-Japan in that order;
o   should  Scotland get the b-p win past Japan, but Japan earn a losing b-p, as well as the b-p for 4 or more trys, and Ireland lose to Samoa, it’ll be Japan-Scotland in that order;
§  if Scotland fail to get bonus-points in their last two, they’re out;
§  if Ireland lose to Samoa, they’re out in the event that Scotland beat Japan; 
·         Probable knockouteers: Japan, Ireland in that order

Pool B - current headboy, New Zealand will finish first after their match with Italy completes on Friday, though should the Azzurri triumph, while denying All Blacks a losing b-p, Italy will most likely have done the extraordinary and prevented the Kiwi from rising from the waters, though one shouldn’t bet all their lira on that outcome;

·         South Africa beats Canada on the Friday upcomer, they’re in as the likely number 2 from group B;

·         Bet this: New Zealand, South Africa in that order

Likely 1st Rounders:
Japan v South Africa on Sunday, October 27                         New Zealand v Ireland on Saturday, October 26


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