Thursday, October 10, 2019

2019 RWC - Thursday 48

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2019 RWC Halted by Hagibis

It takes a lot to stop a rugby match. Apparently a storm currently churning the Western Pacific Ocean with winds better than 150 mph, encompassing an area of a diameter of 180 miles (or well more than the distance from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne... or larger than the State of South Carolina) will do the trick as Super Typhoon Hagibis bears down on the Home Islands of Japan, venue for 2019 RWC. World Rugby has pulled the plug on (at least) a brace of matches: Italy v New Zealand and England v France and declared them draws, earning each nation two pool points.

Prior to:

This move means England and New Zealand finish first in pools C & B respectively, while South Africa and France are  relegated to second, though they still qualify for the quarters. What it also means is Italy have no shot at the knockouts as they’re in third and most likely would have remained there, but one cannot predict future events and never knows with certainty about the outcome of a match now, do one?

Post this Instant... maybe:

          Australia (11) v (5) Georgia at 4:15am MST in Shizuoka Stadium, Ecopa: gonna be rain...

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