Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Guinness Pro14 WRap

Guinness Pro14 is one of two international, professional rugby competitions on the planet. It covers a range better than 9,000 miles from Scotland in the Northern Hemisphere to South Africa on the lower half of the globe.
The competition is comprised of two, seven-club conferences: two clubs each from Scotland, Italy and South Africa and four each from Ireland and Wales. Numbers 2 & 3 at the end of the season playoff cross-conference, 2v 3, while the frontrunners get a first round bye.
Competition format has conference clubs in home-away fixtures, and everyone plays teams from the other conference once with two additional matches scheduled, and that makes for a 21-game season.
After four rounds Leinster, who have been in the championship match eight times in the last decade, winning five, are the only unlost club thus far and they top Conference A; Conference B is a dogfight with the top four clubs within two table points of one another.

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