Thursday, October 31, 2019

RMR: Last League Action: NorCO v Laramie

RMR Competition: On the Weekend
There is only one contest in the adult leagues this weekend, the outcome of which will determine fourth place in Men’s Division 3 through the winter break. Northern Colorado Flamingos host Laramie Lumberjacks at the Greenbriar Park Rugby Ground in a 1pm kickoff upcoming Saturday-the-RugbyDay.
Lumberjacks are led by 8man, Justin Palm, and openside flanker, Brian Summerall, who will look to secure possession for threequarters-line flyers, Cody Jerabek and Dylan Cox; while Flamingos will feature the explosive power of their number two, Michael Donato, and crafty distribution by flyhalf, Cody Bukowski. Bukowski will be serving the pill up to midfielders, Bryan Schroeder and Rudi Spurlock, who in turn will free the likes of backthree speedsters, Matt Belasco and Danny Garrett.
Northern Colorado Flamingos (8) v (8) Laramie Lumberjacks: 1pm, Greenbriar Park, Saturday November 2: winner will be pushing Denver Harlequins for third come the spring.

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