Monday, October 7, 2019

Rugby World Cup - What's Happening: Pools C & D

2019 RWC Remaining Pool Play
Hierarchy of determinants should XVs be drawn on pool (table) points:
1.       outcome of matches between the two in pool play
2.       points-for less points-against differential
3.       trys-scored differential
4.       total points-for in pool play
5.       greater number of trys-scored in pool play
6.       and the obfuscant: RWC rank as of 10.14.19

The Knockouts

                #1 Pool A v #2 Pool B          #1 Pool D v #2 Pool C           #1 Pool B v #2 Pool A          #1 Pool C v #2 Pool D         

Pool C - England running the show in group C now with the decider v France on Saturday; there is talk of England intentionally losing that fixture so as to have a less difficult road to the semifinals, that is, look to play Wales, likely Pool D winner, rather than Australia, likely runnersup in Pool D; if a nation’s strategy for the Cup involves losing matches, then losers they are and will be is all that is to be said in that regard;

·         to recap: England  and France will continue play and it should be in that order;

·         Probable knockouteers: England - France, i-t-o

Pool D - frontrunning Wales can shut the doors on the pool room with victories over Fiji on the Wednesday and Uruguay on Sunday, but if Men of the Red Dragon stumble in either fixture, especially the mid-week clash versus Flying Fijians, the pool gets vertigo;

 ·         to recap: Wales  win out and Australia beat Georgia on Friday, it’s Wales-Aussie, #s 1 & 2, in that order
o   Wales lose out, Australia lose without a b-p and Fiji get a bonus-point in their game v Wales on Wednesday, Fiji take first and Australia are # 2;
o   Wales lose to bonus-point Fiji but top Uruguay, and Georgia stymy Aussie on Friday, it’ll be Wales-Fiji in that order;
·         Probable knockouteers: Wales-Australia, in that order

Likely 1st Rounders:
Wales v France, Sunday, 10.27                                         England v Australia, Saturday, 10.26    


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