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RWR Men's Divisions 2 and 3 WRap: 10.20.19

RWR Wrap: 10.19.19
Shiftage in the seating arrangements at both Men’s Division-2 and Division-3 tables after significant action on RugbyDay.
It was clear skies and warming at 50 for the morning kickoff of the match between the crosstown combatants, Queen City Rams and Denver Harlequins, on a well-heated StoveTop at Infinity. Rams opened a ten-point lead on scores by their #2 and the openside flanker before Quins tightened things up on an arcing cutter by the Denver fullback on the counter for 40 yards made it 10-7, yet in City’s favor.
Quins line winner and Rams precise defensive posture

Rams lengthened the lead on a try set by outside center and former Colorado Springs High School Rugby Grizzlies star, Liam Wynne, for his fullback and City took a 15-7 midpoint lead to the sheds at halftime signal by field magistrate, Erik Geib.
Queen City got the bonus-point touch down in the 51st, taking the scores to 22-7 before Harlequins came back for a nickel at the end of a multi-phase, multi-penalty set which meant 22 and 12 the significant figures at minute 70.
Rams 8man picks 

Quins closed the gap on a finish by outside center, Mike Boyle, and 22-17 yet for City in the 75th.
But Queen City had the final shout on the day with a grounding three minutes into extra time for a final of 29 - 17 at Geib’s last blast.
Colorado Springs Grizzlies got the five-pointer in a big win over Northside Marauders down Flanagan Park in the Springs, with 56 - 3  being that result. Grizz now are a brace of bonus-point victories ahead of their closest pursuit, Rams and Quins.

next ups:
                Laramie Lumberjacks (7) v (15) Queen City Rams, at Shields Rugby Grounds, 15th and Shields, Laramie, 1pm; Lumberjacks look to turn things around from their last outing, while Rams have come on strong after a few recent signings bolstered their roster.

                Denver MisFits and Boulder Rugby showed one of the most entertaining matches thus far this year with ten trys split evenly and a one-point differential at the end of the day in rocking, rolling rugby of the highest order at the Jake on RugbyDay.
gotta jouncer in the threequarters

Boulder trailed their hosts, 7-10, at the end of the first forty and appeared a tad drawn with first string scrumhalf Sean Kilfoyle out injured. MisFits ran in three second stanza scores in succession, a brace through keen forward kick-placements of their Pretoria-born wing three-quarters and it was 29-7 approaching the hour mark and one could wonder where Boulder was.  Well, they were always there and they proved it in a rock’em, sock’em last twenty minutes that saw Men in Blue draw within a drop of water at 35-36 before a last second shot on goal went astray and 36 - 35 the five-point triumph and the first-win of the season for MisFits at the final whistle of referee Chris Brewer.
Denver Barbarians  scored in the first minute, and scored in the last minute, in a 44 - 17 victory over intercity forever foes, Denver Highlanders. Highlanders had difficulty securing own lineout ball and  got shoved rearward in the set scrum pieces on occasion and Barbo were merciless in exploiting those fundamental improprieties. Barbarians enjoyed success with a number of breakdown turnovers which served to keep their adversaries on the shaky backleg.
rough lineout day for Highlanders

Highlanders grounded a try to open the last half and with conversion by second row, Sean Welfare, drew within 10 at 27-17 and one thought, “Game on?” but Barbos got that back plus more, grounding a trio in the last 10 minutes for the record.
Barbarians 10, Charles Ajarrista, in reception, a clear and present danger each time he handles the pill

next up:
                Boulder Rugby (7) v (10) Denver Barbarians at PleasantView Rugby Ground, 1pm, Saturday-the-RugbyDay, October 26; firecracker special!
                Park City Haggis (12) v (5) Denver MisFits at City Park, Park City; 1pm: see what MisFits produce on the trot at the Bastion of Haggis; could well be worth the travel to Utah; a trip, incidentally, that Haggis make three times a year in rugged determination.

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