Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Women's Premier League Round 6 - WRap

Women’s Premier League
Round 6 WRap - BtN
Home Happy: Surfers
Road Warriors: Beantown, Gladiatrix, Harlequins

Gladiatrix returned to winning ways, but only just, in a cross-Bay clash to increase their league best points total and open a bonus -point lead over match-in-hand, idle Glendale; in the East Conference Atlanta have made the statement and are now rocking a well-better than b-p lead to head their bracket.

                Saturday, September 28:              Berkeley All Blues 14-15 Life West Gladiatrix
                                                                               San Diego Surfers  58-0 Oregon Sports Union

                Sunday, September 29:                 New York Rugby 12-51 Atlanta Harlequins
                                                                                Twin Cities Amazons 20-22 Beantown

on the bye: Glendale Merlins, Chicago North Shore

                Saturday, October 5:
                                                                Atlanta Harlequins (25) v (16) Twin Cities Amazons
                                                                Life West Gladiatrix (26) v (11) San Diego Surfers
                                                                Glendale Merlins (19) v (18) Berkeley All Blues
                Sunday, October 6:
                                                              Chicago North Shore (6) v (10) New York

bye weekend: Beantown RFC,  Oregon Sports Union 

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