Saturday, December 28, 2019

Major League Rugby: Rugby Colorado star Kurtis Werner to Rugby ATL

If you’re thinking, “I wonder what ever happened to that Rugby Colorado halfback from Littleton Eagles program who established his play in a large way back in the day in a match versus Denver East High Angels. The scrumhalf and future Life University and USA 7s playmaker, Cody Melphy - that’s Melphy of the BottleTop Challenge - and a swarming Littleton horde, combined to ground the high-flying Angels at their homegrounds, Heaven, on the Denver Public School campus; Melphy, with his relentless attention to every facet of the game, and number 9, Kurtis Werner, whose magnificent application of the Garryowen kept the East rush defense at bay, the Denver breakaway forwards honest and the back-three backs consterned at sixes and sevens all evening long, a strategy that ultimately culminated in a rout of the perpetually top-rated Colorado secondary school.
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Werner on the move at AIC - image credit: AIC RFC
Werner is the son of Denver Harlequins three-quarters, Russ Werner (a phenom in his own rite!). Kurtis earned a full ride rugby scholarship to American International College where he earned a degree in Business Marketing Management before completing his master’s at rugby finishing schools, Marist Albion (1 year) and Belfast (1 year) RFCs, in Christchurch, New Zealand; then it was on to his present placement at the newest Major League Rugby franchise. Werner has earned his spot on the Rugby ATL side (see above) and we’ll be keeping a weather eye out in anticipation of reporting his success at Atlanta in next year’s, clear-vision MLR 2020 action.

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