Friday, March 27, 2020

Rugby Fitness for the Future

Lonesome Fitness

When the existing bans on group activities suspend, it’ll be a short order and rugby will resume toute suite as everyone will be jonesing for the pill badly by then one might think. Expect your local unions to facilitate the recommencement of matches in as expeditious a manner as is possible. Best then, to maintain or, if one has fallen off one’s fitness pace, obtain a conditioning level that will best support ones’ XVs when that blessed event re-occurs and the Sir’s strident blast signals, “Game on!”

Clubs are getting together for linked workouts, connected by apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting  and FaceTime, though if you’re currently housebound and hurting for a fitness regimen to follow, here’s a site with rugby emphasis:

· - Ben Wilson’s comprehensive training schedules with pdf download… free and easy to read. requires email confirmation. Wilson is an author and rugby conditioning coach who has worked rugby fitness with individuals as well as international sides and informs:

“If the restrictions still allow movement (UK you can exercise outside once a day) then maintaining fitness is not an issue and could be a good opportunity to develop your fitness... you could do a short sprint speed session (hill sprints, 10-100m distance sprints, agility and plyometric work); a sprints conditioning session (100m - 400m repeats to work on aerobic and anaerobic fitness); or a more aerobic-based session (800m to 3km type jogging intervals). If you did each one of these sessions every week then you would greatly improve your fitness during the break from playing.” 
He further advises that, “rugby is an aerobic-based strength/power sport.... you cannot forget the fact it is based on aerobic fitness. The difference between an NFL player and an international rugby player is that the 260lbs props in rugby can run 2 miles in under 12 minutes. If you cannot leave your house, then do not worry, to maintain fitness it can easily be done with a few sessions on the skipping rope.” 

"For strength training with the gyms closed you will need to make use of your body weight, it is very easy to maintain strength in general as long as do some form of weight-lifting. So few people can do a one-handed press up well or a one-legged squat. So these can look after you,” reports Wilson, referencing his online video of body weight exercises, which may be accessed at: 

… and there are a plethora of generic links available; a few:

·         Crossfit generic workouts… free… online;

·         Nike Training Club see above;

·         Barry’s Bootcamp: on Instagram live ;

·         Peloton: offering 90-day free trial.

At the end of the day, fitness is the individual’s responsibility, especially when engaged in a collaborative activity such as team sports, specifically rugby. Bottom line: when play resumes, and it most certainly will, what shape will you be in to best assist your side?

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