Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Rugby Round the World upcoming the Weekend: 7.30-8.1

Rugby is ongoing three regions around the planet just now. Argentina hit pause prior to restarting and now are struggling to get back on top of the pandemic outburst, especially in Buenos Aires Province, where all of the Top 12 clubs reside.

Each nation, within which the sport has resumed, has experienced decidedly different levels of success combatting COVID:

 New cases of COVID-19 coronavirus reported by nation on July 28, and their fluctuation within that most recent 10-day interval:

 New Zealand: 2 on July 18, 8 since then – Aotearoa is way ahead in the Test v Virus!

 Australia: from 361 on July 18th, to 369 (+8) as of July 28; up less than 1% as Aussie get a handle on its latest fluctuation.

Russia: from 6,234 on July 18th, to 5,395  (down 839) as of July 28; or a decrease of 13%. Go you Russia! 

USA: from 65,389 on July 18th, to 58,540 as of July 28; a decrease of 6,849, or 10%. The rate of infection is decreasing here, but we need to see numbers like Russia (above) in order to see a return to the pitch in America… MASK UP



mask up, 6 feet social distance, wash hands – YOU are a Star


Super Rugby Aotearoa: it’ll be the HAVES (table points) facing off against the HAVE NOTS (tps) in the brace of upcoming SRA fixtures on Saturday. With 3 rounds remaining, all is critical as the blistering pace of the SRA warms up a notch. Matches Live on ESPN+ as indicated Mountain Standard Time (MST).


Saturday, August 1: 

                Chiefs (5) v (19) Crusaders at Waikato Stadium, 1am MST: travelers need the happy here to maintain their place at the ordering seat at the table, while their hosts on the day are winless, though certainly not toothless; 50s with a small possibility of moisture, though the pill will be slick and slippery;


                Highlanders (10) v (17) Blues  at Forsyth Barr, 9:30pm MST: homeys hottest team on the circuit just now with halfback TJ Perenara leading their charge, and they’ll be looking to close the gap with their guests of the weekend after joy and success this day; there will be rain, there will be wind with temperatures around mid-50s;


Hurricanes (16) on the bye.


Super Rugby Australia approaching the midpoint in the competition, those with the will for it, win.

Friday, July 31:

                                Western Force (1) v (6) Rebels at Leichhardt Oval, 3am MST: lower end of the table clash and plenty of action to be expected; Rebels tighthead, Pone Fa’amausili, left in the last half last week and hopefully will show on the paddock today; mid-50s, little wind, no rain;


Saturday, August 1:

                                Brumbies (14) v (10) Reds at GIO Stadium, 3am MST:  not necessarily for all the marbles quite yet, but for a bunch for sure; Queensland can count on halfback James O’Connor to provide the spark, though the host #2, Folau Fainga’a, and company should have the means to extinguish that conflagration before it begins; 60, no wind, no rain for this determinant;

               Waratahs (6) on the bye.



The Russian Federation and its Premier League rocks on:


               Strela (12) v (6) Slava Moscow

                Krasny Yar (17) v (4) Bulava – homeys should maintain pace with the leaders after this one;

               VVA (15) v (20)– Metallurg - #5 v #3;

               CSKA (1) v (0) Bogatiri – this’ll be a good lower echelon brawl;

               Lokomotiv (22) v (23) Yenisey STM – #2 v #1: Match of the Weekend

If you’re wondering: “What can I do to get back on the Pitch?”

Here’s wotcher:


·      obtain and maintain social distance of 6 feet;

·      limit outdoors activities to essential tasks;

·      washa you hands;

·      mask up when you do go out;

·         be an active, responsible COVID-19 warrior and get your non-masking friends to mask up! – don’t start fights over the issue, but affect your network positively – get in the game versus the Virus so we all, each and every one of us, can return to the pitch and be truly happy again...








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