Thursday, July 9, 2020

Rugby Round the World Upcoming the Weekend: 7.9.20


Rugby is ongoing in four, three geographic regions around the planet just now. And each nation, within which the sport has resumed, has decidedly different levels of success combatting COVID:

New cases of COVID-19 coronavirus reported by nation on July 8, a 5-day interval:

New Zealand: 0 – well done, Mytjalies!
Australia: from 107 on July 4th, to 131 (+24) as of 7.8.20; that’s a 22% spike.
Russia: from 6,566 on July 4th, to 6,562 (-3) as of 7.8.20; down less than 1%, but I’d take that, because…
US: from 52,609 on July 4th, to 62,425 (+9,816) as of 7.8.20; up 18.7%.
* note: we’re winning this particular competition and that ain’t a good thing… mask up!

Super Rugby Aotearoa matches Live on ESPN+ as indicated Mountain Standard Time (MST)
Saturday, July 11 :

                Crusaders (14) v (13) Blues at Orangetheory Stadium, 1am MST: for the early lead in the LotLWC competition; expect a blockbuster as you’ve not seen in quite sometime; if Will Jordan’s not the hottest three-quarters just now (and he’ll be coming off the bench!), then maybe it’s Caleb Clarke; and the contest between Otere Black and Richie Mo’unga will be a tasty bit; however, the match could turn on the respective effects of opensides, Dalton Papalii and Tom Christie; and yeah, Beau Barrett is cementing the Blues backthree; ideal weather in the 50s; no wind, no rain;
                Hurricanes (4) v (5) Highlanders at CETA - formerly FMG Stadium in Palmerston North - 9:30pm MST: host are favored after half their guest’s engine room went off for the season last week with a broke-fib;  mid-50s, maybe some rain, not much wind;
Chiefs (3) on the bye

Russia Premier League chart shows three sharing the topspot at 3-0-0 and the remainder chasing that cohort of unbeatens; on the Upcomer:

                Lokomotiv Penza (12) v (0) Bulava Taganrog: look for L-P to go to 4-0-0;
                CSKA (0) v (9) Krasny Yar Krasnoyarsk: travelers chasing the leaders just now… need to win;
                Metallurg Novokuznetsk (12) v (5) Slava Moscow: M-N to 4-0-0? should be happening;
                Yenisey-STM Krasnoyarsk (12) v (9) VVA Podmospovye: match of the week, but homeys should triumph;
                Strela (5) v (0) Bogatiri: home side looking to return to a winning track, while visitors seek to find that path yet:                                       
     Super Rugby Australia matches Live on ESPN+ as indicated Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Aussies kicked the rust off the pill and pillars amidst a resurgence in COVID that has/will kept/keep Rebels away from their homegrounds for the foreseeable future; not to make light of their predicament or anything as they’re ain’t nothing funny about the Virus, but mayhaps at least for this season the XV might take on the, “Nomads RFC,” or “Wanderers Brigadiers,” somesuch moniker equally as clever and pithy to go by, hein?

Friday, July 10:
                                Rebels (0) v (4) Reds at Brookvale Oval, Sydney, 3:00am MST: this contest could very well come down to the result of the battle between standoffs, Matt Toomua (for the home-away Insurgent/Wanderers) and James O’Connor for the Rouge; Toomua in no way won his test v upstart 10, Noah Lolesio, last week so he’ll be looking to show and go, while we’ve not seen the best from O’Connor by a long shot, one may venture a thought… mini-breeze, small chance of rain and high 50s, weather’s playin’;

Saturday, July 11:
                                Waratahs (1) v (0) Western Force at the Allianz Arena, Sydney – 3am MST: ‘Tahs’ll be notching this one in the victory column mayhaps too soon against the untested Force; small wind no precip and temps in the high 50s… perfect for a game of footy!

Brumbies in the corral just now

South America

Rugby in the Top 12 League has been suspended even before it’s begun and they’re looking at the end of July to re-start, but we shall see…

In our United States, we don’t play again until we get our individual acts together, please understand and act upon this information.

What can I do to get back on the Pitch?

·      obtain and maintain social distance of 6 feet;
·      limit movement to essential tasks;
·      washa you hands;
·      mask up when you do go out;
·         be an active, responsible COVID-19 warrior and get your non-masking friends to mask up! – it is no longer okay to sit on the sidelines – get in the game v the Virus so we all can return to the pitch.



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