Monday, July 20, 2020

Rugby Round the World WRap - 7.20.20: BtN, OtW

Rugby Round the Globe: OtW, BtN – 7.19.20

Rugby is ongoing in four, three, geographic regions around the planet just now. And each nation, within which the sport has resumed, has decidedly different levels of success combatting COVID:

New cases of COVID-19 coronavirus reported by nation on July 18, a 4-day interval:

New Zealand: 6 in the past few days… rest assured the nation, as a whole, will be monitoring closely and doing the right thing!
Australia: from 244 on July 15th, increasing to 361 (+117) as of 7.19.20; that’s a 48% spike, but down from 86% on the 15th.
Argentina: from 2,657 on July 15th, to 4,231 (+1,574) as of 7.19.20; up 59%
Russia: from 6,422 on 7.15.20, to 6,109 (-313) as of 7.19.20; down nearly 5%, but I’d take that, because…
United States of America: from 65,370 on 7.15.20, to 63,591 (-1,779) as of 7.19.20; down almost 3% …far from a win, but the proper direction… MASK UP!

New Zealand - Super Rugby Aotearoa – Round 5 BtN:

                12           the number of the Huge Wind who absolutely schooled Blues 15, and then outpaced that fastman en route to his 4th-minute grounding that set the tone for Hurricanes big win and 29 – 27 that result at the end of the day; and if you don’t think Ngani Laumape at the top end of the first five-eighths slot in the Galaxy XV, I’m uncertain you’re paying attention; drawn at 15s as lads headed to sheds for inspiration, a second stanza missed conversion was the difference at ’80; maybe not as good as it gets, but pretty effing close; one must think that Barrett-the-Younger won Battle of 15s;

                17           adrift at the break not a single worry for traveling Highlanders, though they left it until the death to claim the 33 – 31 victory over Chiefs in Dunedin after returning from a dozen down (19-31) with 6 minutes to go in the match; a try by Highlanders speedster, Jonah Nareki, converted by 10 Mitch Hunt, and a last dot by 12, Sio Tomkinson, 2 minutes into plus-time, drew ‘Landers level and the additional deuce by Hunt made the record;


Australia – Super Rugby Australia: hitting a nice stride just now in its 3rd weekend of play – Round 3 BtN

                11           for Queensland 10, James O’Connor, on a perfect trys-converted day plus a nifty drop, as Reds topped Western Force in Brisbane, 31 – 24; travelers were ahead, 14-nil early on and looking the business before Reds grounded the next 3, then allowed their guests to nearly draw level save for a missed completion and 21-19 homeys at the half; Force were up by 14 closing in on the first quarter before Reds figgered ‘em out in the fine, brawling match; USA three-quarterline player, Marcel Brache, had a fair match setting up two scores and committing an error or two…

                5              and nil early for Brumbies, before Waratahs reeled off 20 for a 15-point cushion at the break; ‘Tahs looked the winner with 5 minutes left before the Mob relief 9, Issak Fines, blew through a hole the size of the kingdom to touch down for conversion by replacement 10, Bayley Kuenzle, and 24 – 23 that final to travelers; the Horses rising 10, Noah Lolesio, went off in the first '40 with a muscle tear;

BE the Mask

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