Thursday, July 16, 2020

Super Rugby - NZ and Oz - Preview


Rugby is ongoing in four three geographic regions around the planet just now. And each nation, within which the sport has resumed, has decidedly different levels of success combatting COVID:

New cases of COVID-19 coronavirus reported by nation on July 15, a 5-day interval:

New Zealand: 0 – and if you’re thinking, “That’s because they’re on an island,” you need to be smacked in the head with a rolled up newspaper! – ed.
Australia: from 244 on July 12th, to 244 (0) as of 7.15.20; that’s level. Go you Aussies!
Argentina: from 3,604 on July 12th, to 4,250 (+646) as of 7.15.20; up 18%, down from a 35% increase on the 12th.
Russia: from 6,562 on July 12th, to 6,422 (-140) as of 7.15.20; down 2%, ‘atsa right way!
US: from 61,038 on July 12th, to 65,370 (+4,332) as of 7.15.20; up 7%.

mask up, 6 feet social distance, wash hands

Super Rugby Aotearoa matches Live on ESPN+ as indicated Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Saturday, July 1:

                Hurricanes (8) v (12) Blues at Sky Stadium Oval, 1am MST: homeys need it to supplant their opponents on the chart, while travelers want it in order to keep pace with the Cru’ until next they meet; offensive developments out of the backrow-9 channel will favor home team as Perenara-Savea continue to evince explosive energy, while anywhere along the three-quarters line the matchups are waterings of the mouth; who do you like in the 15s contest… Barrett-the-Elder, or Barrett-the-Younger?  Rieko Ioane may determine the tale of the tape at end of day; chance of a drip, low 50s with a buffeting wind;
                Chiefs (3) v (6) Highlanders at Waikato Stadium - 9:30pm MST: hosts yet look for their initial joy in the league after starting their campaign with a one-point defeat to their guests; looking to rectify that result this day; Kaleb Trask in the pivot for homeboys puts Aaron Cruden on the pine and we’ve not seen the best from D-Mac yet, one should think; for the visitors, Pari Pari Parkinson, Shannon Frizzell and Ash Dixon are allover the shop harrying and hotstepping the big lumber; tossup with the push going to the home XV: it will have rained for much of the day prior to first boot, so expect at minimum a slick and slippery pig and pitch with temps in the mid-to-high 50s.
Crusaders (18) on the bye

  Super Rugby Australia matches Live on ESPN+ as indicated Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Friday, July 17:
                                Reds (4) v (0) Western Force at Suncorp - 3:00am MST: Home side is coming off an unsatisfactory sister-kisster and will want more than two table points for their effort today, while the travelers failed to hold the lead last weekend; each has things to prove; we ain’t seen the best from O’Connor yet; low 60s, no wind, no rain… ideal conditions for a game of footy;

Saturday, July 18:
                                Waratahs (5) v (5) Brumbies at the ANZ – 3am MST: for the early ordering seat at table; home XV looked rusty, yet came on in the second stanza last time out, while their guests failed to do that in the last half though they still won; battle between the rising 20 years young would-be Wallabies 10s, Noah Lolesio and Will Harrison, could determine the outcome of this war; possibility of rain, breezy and temps in the high 50s could make for Jack Maddocks’ personal best day;

Rebels (0) on the bye

What can I do to get back on the Pitch?

·      obtain and maintain social distance of 6 feet;
·      limit movement to essential tasks;
·      washa you hands;
·      mask up when you do go out;
·         be an active, responsible COVID-19 warrior and get your non-masking friends to mask up! – it is no longer okay to sit on the sidelines – get in the game v the Virus so we all, each and every one of us, can return to the field of play.

We're not afraid to ask the question that is on everyone's minds: "DO YOU MASK?"

better say yes


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