Monday, July 13, 2020

World Rugby WRap: Over the Weekend, By the Numbers

Rugby Round the Globe: Over the Weekend, By the Numbers – 7.12.20

Rugby is ongoing in four, three, geographic regions around the planet just now. And each nation, within which the sport has resumed, has decidedly different levels of success combatting the current mutation of the coronavirus, called COVID-19:

New cases of COVID-19 coronavirus reported by nation on July 12, a 4-day interval:

New Zealand: 0-0 – nada, nichts, bupkes this month…WINNERS sans égal.
Australia: from 131 on July 8th, to 244 (+113) as of 7.12.20; that’s an 86% spike.
Argentina: from 3,604 on July 8th, to 2,657 (- 947) as of 7.12.20; down 26% after returning to LOCKDOWN, Rugby yet off after the virus spiked last week; BUT THEIR RETURN TO LOCKDOWN HAS AFFECTED a 26% drop in new cases…figger it oute.
Russia: from 6,562 on July 8th, to 6,615 (+53) as of 7.12.20; up less than 1%, but I’d take that, because…
United States of America: from 62,425 on July 8th, to 97,870 (+35,445) as of 7.12.20; up 56.8%

New Zealand - Super Rugby Aotearoa

                6              points the advantage approaching the hour mark for Blues, 15-9, could not be held as 2 converted trys and a Richie, the Striker, Mo'unga penalty shot made for a 17-point terminal twenty count by once-and-future King, Crusaders, and the 26 - 12 result; 16 for the Cru’s magnificently  inspirational 10, Richie Mo’unga, who at 2-and-4 from the floor on the trot, solidified his position as the frontrunner for the All Blacks 10 shirt;

                12           and 0 the tallies for Hurricanes after the first ’40 sufficient cushion to top Highlanders, and with a 5er grounded by blindside Devan Flanders in the 48th,  17 – 11 the record nevermind travelers considerable second stanza effort;  

Australia – Super Rugby Australia

                18           for the house after the 1st supertime match where two, 5-minute extra effort intervals saw homeless Rebels and at the end of '80, the James O’Connor-powered Reds level after full time and yet again at ‘90+ for the premier of Super Sudden Death, which unfortunately ended in no one’s demise; in the contest between To’omua and O’Connor for the Wallabies 10 jersey, fair even with a possibly lean to the Queensland pivot, though all players felt the effects of the heavenly tap turned on and off with frequency during the competition, some more than others; some fine slammin’ and jammin’ from each XVs back rows;

                14           and 0 the significant figures nearing the conclusion of the initial ’40 for once-and-future fledglings Western Force, prior to Waratahs grounding to end the period, and then those ‘Tahs accrued the remainder of counts for a 23 – 14 how ya doin’? over the warriors out of the West;

Russia and its Premier League (RPL):

                20           measure of separation at end of day after Lokomotiv tagged Bulava Taganrog in homegrounds along banks of Suva River in city of Penza, southwestern Russia, 31 - 11, to remain at top of RPL chart;              
                24           by reigning champs, Yenisey STM, just enough for home side to repulse WA Podmoskovye in the east, 24 – 22, to maintain their comrades in primary position;
                4              and 0-0 now also for Metallurg Novokuznetsk with their win over Slava Moscow by 22 – 5, in Russian hinterlands;

                24           too for second-placed Krasny Yar against 19 for homeboys, CSKA, as KY kept unbeaten threesome in sight;

                59           for explosive Strela, who blanked hapless Bogatiri at home in Kazan, 59 – 0, to also keep leaders in sight;


Who's got a mask on?

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